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Q: Alright, so how much does it cost?
A:  Rating people at Typecastme.com is free.
To upload headshots, the price is one (1) for $5, three (3) for $12 or six (6) for $22.

Q: Can anybody rate headshots?
A: Yes! The more the merrier. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to come join the party. That little share option in the top right of every page is great for this.

Q:  Wait… you’re having a party?
A:  No, we were being figurative.  But hey, coming here to rate actors might be a fun game at your next party.

Q:  How does it work?
A:  Sign up on our home page, upload your headshot, pay the fee then sit back and wait for your rating results!


Q:  Can I upload SELFIES?
A:  NO. This site is for rating images that are professionally taken. Now, that does not mean every image up will look professional (there are many photographers out there who are just not that good) but it does mean it should look like it was posed and created for commercial purposes. Save your candids & selfies for social media, please! Here, they will be flagged and removed without refund. 

Q:  How many ratings will I get?
A:  That will be determined by how long you leave your headshot up and how many people come here to rate. We guarantee every headshot will get rated and the average headshot up on our site right now receives approximately 15 ratings in two to three weeks. The most rated headshot live right now has 64 ratings.

Q:  How will I know when I’ve been rated?
A:  Ratings are happening 24/7. Each time your headshot receives a rating, you will receive an email alert letting you know. Check back on your Member page anytime to see how many people have rated your shots and what they think of you. We think this might become addictive.

Q:  Sometimes I see the same actor's headshot appear back to back. Will this happen to my pics if I upload multiple headshots of mine at the same time?
A:  Most likely. Our proprietary algorithm selects what order the headshots appear in. The photos with the least ratings always appear first. If you upload more than one photo at the same time, your photos will appear back to back most of the time until they receive the same amount of ratings as the next oldest photos on the site. Then, they will go into general rotation. If you wish not to have people rate your photos back to back, upload one and then upload the next over the next few days or weeks. 


Q:  Now that I have my ratings what do I do with them?
A:  Study them. Decide if the message each headshot is conveying is what you, as an actor, want to convey. Some of your shots might be perceived in a way you never imagined. This might either open up a new area of roles you should consider submitting yourself for or close the door on roles you thought you fit (and perhaps did at one time but don’t anymore). It’s okay. Types change over time and we all can’t be the ingénue forever. It could also mean that your headshots don’t fit who you are at all and you should consider getting new shots that better represent you.  

Q:  How long will my headshot(s) stay up?
A:  For as long as you want. You can delete it from your account anytime by logging in to your Member page. We do want to caution you that all ratings associated with your shot will be deleted forever once you delete the photo. There will be no way for us to retrieve them so save them before you delete!

Q:  Is this only for actors?
A:  No, but actors were the inspiration for this site. Finding out what others perceive when they see you, however, can be beneficial to anyone. Just keep in mind that we don't allow candid shots or SELFIES on our site. All photographs must be professionally taken.

Q:  I just looked at my ratings and someone called me a stripper! I’m insulted!
A:  Because someone chose that rating category for your headshot does not mean they actually believe you are a playmate, stripper or escort. It does mean your shot is giving off a very sexy vibe and if those are not roles you want to be called in to audition for, you might consider getting new headshots and saving those for a romantic evening with your significant other.

Q:  I just looked at my ratings and someone called me a terrorist! I’m insulted!
A:  The reason we included this category is the large number of roles currently being cast under this description. Does that mean everyone rating thinks you are a terrorist? No. It means you are giving off an intense vibe in your shot. Having said that, there are many actors being cast as terrorists right now in a slew of projects... making good money and getting discovered doing so. The people who rated you feel that, based on your headshot, you could play one of these roles. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. But you might consider getting a smiley new headshot. And you might be missing out on a career-starting role.

Q:  I just looked at my ratings and someone called me a Grandma! I’m insulted!
A:  Don’t be. Please read the answers for the above two questions. You get where we are going with this, right?


Q:  I’m (insert any ethnicity here) and someone rated me (insert a different ethnicity here). What gives?

A:  That’s a good thing. It means you have variety in your appearance and can be cast in a number of roles for different ethnicities, not just the one that you actually are.

Q:  Whoa! I am sooooo not 40!
A:  You might not be but that is the vibe your headshot is giving off. Does this mean you look your actual age or older? Possibly. It could also mean that your headshot is not doing you any favors. Maybe you do look younger in person but too much makeup, a formal hairstyle and/or clothing is making you look older in your headshot. If you get this answer repeatedly with shots from different sessions, you could just need to realize you aren’t going to be playing roles for 20-somethings anymore. It’s okay. It happens to all of us. We apologize for being the bearer of bad news.  

Q:  Why the questions about whether the headshot was taken by a professional or an amateur and whether it is up to date?
A:  An amateur headshot will be perceived by casting directors as being submitted by amateur actors. Same goes for it looking up-to-date. Outdated shots make casting directors think you either a. have aged and are now hiding it by using really old shots or b. are an amateur. Neither is good. To have the best chance of success, have your headshots taken by professionals who know what they are doing. 

Q:  If I use your site, will I get all kinds of roles and become a superstar?
A:  We make no guarantees of employment for using our service. To become a successful working actor requires years of hard work, auditions and classes that focus on your technique. Think of our website as another tool in your arsenal that you can use to make one element of your acting struggle easier. Figure out what types you are right for and go on auditions for those roles. You can worry about proving you can play roles against type later in your career. The key now is to get your foot firmly wedged in the door of the entertainment industry.


Q:  What do the 'Actors Typed' and 'Headshots Uploaded' numbers on your website mean?
A:  'Actors Typed' simply means the number of times our images have been rated. Everytime someone rates an image and clicks 'Submit' that number increases by one. 'Headshots Uploaded' is simply that. Everytime someone uploads a new headshot that number increases by one.


Q:  What if I have suggestions to improve your site?
A:  Contact us through our Contact page and let us know. We want to improve based on your feedback. Since this is a site inspired by and created for actors, we are committed to improving the site to meet the needs of the community.

Q:  So you’re really not having a party?
A:  No, but we’d invite you if we were!